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Golden Rutile Quartz Engagement Ring, Sterling Silver Bezel & 14K Gold Filled Band

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This handmade golden rutile quartz ring will be made to order for you in our Brisbane studio within 7 business days.

Rutilated quartz is a natural gemstone. It's a type of quartz that contains golden-yellow needle like inclusions of rutile, or titanium dioxide. It is often called golden hair quartz because of the delicate appearance of the needles. Each stone will differ slightly from the one pictured due to natural variation. We've used an 8mm round gemstone in this ring.

It's a mixed metal ring with a sterling silver crown bezel setting for the gemstone, and a 2mm wide hammered 14K gold filled band. Gold filled metal is composed of a brass core with a thick layer of 14k gold equal to 5% of the band's total weight, so should last for a long time without discolouration of the metal. It has all the lustre and sheen of real gold, but at a more affordable price.

We'll provide care instructions with each purchase so you can be confident your handmade gemstone ring will always look its best. It will be packaged in a box suitable for gifting.

This ring is available in US sizes: 3 - 13, including half and quarter sizes.

This ring can also be paired with our 14K Gold Filled Band

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