Custom Work

We made these custom gold rings a while back, and I took a few pictures for the clients before sending them off. I thought I'd post them here as well because I really like the way they turned out! 

14K Rose Gold Arch Ring With White Opal Cabochon

We ended up casting this 14K rose gold arched ring and adding the bezel for the white opal cabochon afterwards. It has such a striking look to it! We've been experimenting with similar shaped pieces with tube settings instead of bezel settings, so stay tuned...

14K Rose Gold Ring With Agate Beads

Aren't these little agate beads pretty? This 14K rose gold ring uses wire wrap techniques, and reminds us of old Roman jewellery.

Anyway, if you're interested in custom work please do get in touch! It's always nice to do something different :D

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