About Us

Fifth Heaven Designs is an independent jewellery studio based in sunny Brisbane.

Our story began in 2012, when we branched out from beaded jewellery to start metalworking with a little butane blowtorch in a tiny tin shed - not so pleasant during the hot Queensland summers! Now we've expanded into digital sculpture, 3D printing and metal casting, and we sell our designs all over the world. It's an amazing feeling knowing that that our jewellery is worn all over the globe! Being entrusted with the job of making someone's engagement ring is an honour and never ceases to delight us.

We mainly work in sterling silver & solid gold. Our silver and gold are ethically sourced from primarily recycled and reclaimed materials to ensure a lighter environmental footprint. We have a wide array of gemstones, from ethereal natural moonstones to vibrant lab grown sapphires, in a range of different sizes and cuts. We also use a range of synthetic (lab grown) stones so we can be sure of their provenance. We do not deal in conflict diamonds, and do our best to avoid stones such as natural emeralds if there is doubt as to how ethically they were sourced.

With lower-value stones it can be difficult to prove that they were ethically handled every step of the way (from the mining, to the sale of rough, to the cutting into finished shapes), as it is extremely rare to have a certificate following an inexpensive stone from start to finish, so we make sure only to source our gemstones from trusted suppliers.

We want to protect our beautiful planet, so we're doing our best to choose environmentally friendly options in our packaging, in sourcing our materials, and in our lives as a whole. We use recycled or reclaimed materials wherever we can, and our workshop is entirely solar powered. We get a lot of sunshine here in Queensland, so we thought we'd make the most of it!

If there's something you're interested in but can't find in our store, do get in touch as we'd be delighted to work with you. If you're interested in wholesale enquiries, please contact us and we'll send you our catalogue.