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Fancy Ears

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As much as we love making rings, we can't help but feel like we've been neglecting other kinds of jewellery over the past few years. We've made a lot of jewellery for the hands, but it's time we got to decorate other body parts. Like EARS!


Boho Threader Earrings & Gemstone Ear Cuffs

 Boho Thread Earrings and Gemstone Ear Cuffs

We're really feeling the dainty charm threader earring vibe at the moment. They're lightweight, simple, and stylish. If, like me, you find post earrings a bit uncomfortable at times, thread earrings might be for you. They don't have a poky back - the post threads through your ear, and then keeps on going. To keep your chain thread earrings clean, it's best to soak them in warm soapy water then give them a (very) gentle rub down with a polishing cloth. 

 You can wear them alone, as elegant statement pieces, or partner them with a gemstone ear cuff (no cartilage piercing required!) and maybe a charm stud earring as well, if you're feeling fancy.

Sterling Silver Ball Stud With Eagle Charm

 Sterling Silver Ball Stud With Eagle Charm

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