Gold, gold, gold.

I never used to be a gold person. I always preferred silver--or at least, I thought I did. In retrospect, it's probably because I never really saw that much gold when I was growing up. I thought silver was mysterious and ethereal, which it is, but I didn't realise how pure gold glows.

14K Rose Gold, White Gold & Yellow Gold Rings

And I didn't realise that you could mix pure gold with other metals to create alloys of different colours! Now I think my favourite gold alloy is a tie between 14K rose gold and 14K yellow gold. I love the antique, vintagey feel of rose gold (see top row of photos), but it's hard to beat the way yellow gold glows when it's paired with garnet or peridot (bottom row of photos). With garnet, the yellow gold has such a rich glamour, and peridot in gold always reminds me of late summer sunlight filtering through forest leaves.

Then again, white gold has that reserved elegance I always assumed belonged to silver alone. I feel it works best with white diamond, moissanite, or cool-toned gemstones with a blue flash--like labradorite (as shown in the second row of the photos) or rainbow moonstone. 

There's even green gold out there, though I've yet to get my hands on some. Sssooon, my precious. Sssssooon.

What do you think? Which colour gold do you prefer--or are you sticking with silver?

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