Moonstone & Opal & Ruby & Penguins?

Lots of new things on the go this month! Our new pieces have really stretched my photography skills--and I'm using the word skills very loosely there. Just when I thought I'd got a handle on shooting rings, we get a new kind of stone that proves much more difficult to photograph than usual!

Rainbow moonstone has always been a bit of a challenge, but I particularly like the way the shot of this Teardrop Rainbow Moonstone Ring turned out.

Teardrop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Taking these photographs has involved bending over the table at awkward angles (usually sideways!) to avoid getting my shadow in the picture. Getting these teardrop shaped rainbow moonstones photographed nicely is worth the backache, though.

White opal is another stone that can be tricky to photograph, but I have to admit I am pleased with this picture of our Teardrop White Opal Ring! I think I managed to capture the subtle play of colours in the stone itself without bleaching out the silver band and bezel.

Teardrop White Opal Ring

What else is new? We're setting some tiny gemstones into some of our patterned wedding bands - like this Acorn and Oakleaf Band pictured here with a tiny lab created ruby. We'll definitely be adding inset gemstones to the hibiscus patterned wedding band, the scroll & dogwood patterned band, and possibly a few of the Renaissance floral bands as well.

Tiny Inset Ruby Gemstone Oxidized Acorn & Oak Leaf Wedding Band

I'm looking forward to expanding our range of solid gold rings! Along with this dainty 14K rose gold wedding band we listed earlier, we'll soon be adding solid gold versions of some of our 14K gold filled bands & gemstone rings.

Dainty 14K Rose Gold Wedding Band

But wait, there's more--we're expanding our range of necklaces to include charms as well as gemstones. We offer quite a few charm rings and earrings, but somehow never got around to offering charm necklaces until now! No time like the present to catch up, though. And I really like this little Penguin Necklace. The penguin charm has such a determined little body. 

Sterling Silver Penguin Charm Pendant

Last but not least, we're also branching out into personalised dog tag jewellery. We know dainty gemstone jewellery isn't everyone's cup of tea, and these sturdy stainless steel tags have a robust, rugged feel to them. Photographing steel is another new challenge! I'd never really thought about the colour of steel until I tried capturing it on camera. Think this Engraved Compass Dog Tag turned out all right though :)

Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace



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