New packaging, new gemstones, and new patterned wires!

New packaging, new gemstones, and new patterned wires!

We've managed to obtain a lot of new goodies recently! New gemstones, new patterned wires, and we're in the process of upgrading our packaging to reflect how shiny and new everything feels right now.

The best thing about using preformed patterned wires is that it allows us to create a visually striking range of jewellery at an affordable cost. That being said, we're looking into getting a rolling mill so we can start texturing our own silver sheet.

Silver Bamboo Cane Wedding Set

We found a new supplier for some preformed patterned wires, including these wide and narrow bamboo textured wires that we've used to make several wedding sets.

The finely detailed texturing on these bamboo rings looks great whether we leave the rings shiny, or oxidize them. It's a lot harder to photograph them when shiny, though!

We've also got an exciting new range of gemstones that we're eager to try out with our new patterned wires.Green Tourmalinated Quartz Silver Bamboo Ring


This ring features a 10mm green tourmalinated quartz - a natural gemstone with needle like inclusions of dark green tourmaline. The stone gives us a strong forest vibe, so we think it's a great match for the silver bamboo wire--and for any nature lovers out there.


Strawberry Quartz Bamboo Wedding SetSpeaking of included quartz, we've also managed to locate some real strawberry quartz. A lot of what's called 'strawberry quartz' on the market is often just manmade glass, but we've managed to locate the real thing: a natural clear quartz with inclusions of red iron oxide. It's also referred to as red fire quartz. In this wedding set, we've used an 8mm rose cut red fire quartz cabochon.Gothic Seafoam Aquamarine Ring


Here's another new patterned wire and another new gemstone! Seafoam aquamarine, also known as milky aquamarine, is part of the beryl family, like emerald and morganite. These 8mm rose cut cabochons aren't the transparent clear blue of faceted aquamarine, but a milkier, cloudier blue. It's semi-opaque to opaque. The wire we've used for this ring is an ornate floral pattern with a Gothic oxidized finish.


Ring Box & Care Kit

With all these new things, we thought we'd see about upgrading our packaging for our higher end pieces. Our new off-white boxes are eco friendly, made from recycled materials, and suitable for gifting - we think the organza ribbon adds a nice touch as well! And of course, with every order we send out, we include a little envelope containing written care advice and a complimentary polishing cloth.


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