Engraving Options

We're currently in the process of adding custom engraving options to a range of our patterned band rings. At present we can engrave rings with the following patterned bands: wide bamboo bands, narrow bamboo bands, Victorian style bands, feather scrollwork bands, and our renaissance style/leafy floral bands.

10mm Rose Quartz Ring With Wide Bamboo Band Wide Silver Bamboo Style Bands

Blue Moonstone Narrow Bamboo RingsNarrow Silver Bamboo Bands

Peruvian Opal & Oxidized Victorian BandOxidized or shiny Victorian style bands

Opal Triplet & Feather Scrollwork BandFeather Scrollwork Bands

Peach Moonstone Oxidized Renaissance RingOxidized or shiny Renaissance/leafy floral bands

If you're interested in having a ring with one of these types of bands engraved, and you don't see the option in the listing itself, our engraving add on listing is here: Custom Engraving For Narrow Band Gemstone Rings 

You'd need to add it to the shopping cart along with the ring of your choice. If it's just a gemstone ring you would like engraved, please select the Gemstone Ring Only option from the drop down menu. If you need both rings in a set engraved, please select the Gemstone Ring & Band option.